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Multiple Poker Networks

The reason we had to launch this separate section for “Multiple Poker Networks” is a simple one: new super-affiliates have surfaced (like TargetPoker) which offer players the possibility to access several online poker rooms situated on different poker networks from a single account. Therefore, deals like the TargetPoker one we have on offer in this section cannot be associated with one distinct poker network.
Needless to say, such deals offer bonus rewards-hunting players quite a few advantages. No longer do they have to jump from one poker room to the other looking to exploit various loyalty reward-related promotions, and no longer do they have to struggle with moving their money around: the multiple poker network deals allow them to play at all their favorite sites using money from the same account.
Basically, a deal like the TargetPoker one we have consists of several loyalty deals. TargetPoker players can play on 6 different online poker networks, and the poker loyalty deals offered span the 40-50% range.

The great thing about signing up for one of our multiple poker networks deals is that it doesn’t force players to play on all the poker rooms it covers. Players are free to choose any room from the list, so there aren’t any drawbacks to the setup, just advantages really.
Multiple poker network players will enjoy lightning fast payouts too. While different poker rooms have different rules in place regarding bonus rewards payments, multiple network users will get their monies daily, regardless of the poker room/network policies.

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