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Titan Poker Rakeback

Titan Poker

  • Rakeback: 40%
  • Signup bonus: -
  • Monthly bonus: -
Betfair Rakeback


  • Rakeback: 35%
  • Signup bonus: -
  • Monthly bonus: -

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Rake type: Weighted Contributed
Player base: Large
Sites Sharing Network: 30

The iPoker network has grown into one of the top poker networks in a relatively short time. The network has succeeded where others have failed by adopting a flexible market strategy, by withdrawing from the US market while the getting was good and by creating an attractive software package. This way, the operation has managed to attract some extremely popular European online poker rooms, which put their respective player bases together to create excellent network-wide traffic. The iPoker network is home to sites like VC Poker and Titan Poker. A large number of online poker rooms have joined the iPoker network over the years, all of which share the generous network-wide promotions and bonuses.

The software is the cornerstone of the network. The 3D-like interface is excellent, although the graphics do tend to get a little bit repetitive here and there. The same goes for the sounds. Fortunately, the interface allows players to mute them before they become way too annoying. Stability and reliability-wise, the software is without an equal. Back in the days, the speed of the action used to suffer on account of the generous countdown timer, but apparently that issue has been taken care of. The software offers some unique features, like the graphical hand history displayed in a ticker-like manner. The game selection is nothing to write home about though…

On lower limits, the action is quite fishy and even average players can eke out some profits. The higher stakes are a different story. Traffic is excellent at pretty much every hour of the day. In peak hours, there are around 12,000 cash game players and 20,000 tournament players at the tables.

The customer support at the various iPoker network sites is decent. All the sites feature comprehensive FAQ sections which one can use to try to solve his/her problem before directly contacting the support staff. The staff is knowledgeable and the response times are decent. The iPoker network features live chat support, which is quite priceless when it comes to solving an urgent problem. Live chat is available 24/7.

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