VIP Rakeback

Our VIP rakeback program is designed to add even more value and service to our top tier of rakeback players. Our goal is to take care of any poker needs of our most active players.

VIP Rakeback
VIP Rakeback

In business, numbers equal power. This is true for the online poker industry as well. If you are a high volume rakeback player you may qualify for inclusion in our rakeback VIP program.

Some of the perks of becoming a rakeback VIP are:
  • Receive higher than standard rakeback rates
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Private Sponsorships
  • Customer Service
  • Skype/MSN Support

What is the point of a VIP rakeback program?

The main point of the VIP rakeback program is to demonstrate how far we will go to reward our most active players. Taking care of the players and assisting them in every way we can is and always has been our top priority.

What do I need to do to become a VIP?

If you aren't currently a RakeMeBack rakeback player, you must first set up your RakeMeBack account. Select all the rakeback deals that you would like and begin playing. After you've played with us for at least a month to demonstrate your levels and volume of play, contact us to show your interest and so that we can review your stats and see if we think you qualify for our program.

The key factors we use to determine if someone is a VIP customer includes:
  • Loyalty - The longer you've played as a RakeMeBack player, the better we view your loyalty
  • Rake - How muck rake you typically generate?
  • Referrals - We view favorably if you have referred a number of friends to RakeMeBack - player referrals

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