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Source Based Rake Allocation Method

The Source Based rake allocation method (also known as SBR) is a new way of determining individual players' rake contributions, and thus obviously the amount of rake rebate they'll get, introduced by the ever-inventive iPoker network. For online..

Tournament Strategy – the Independent Chip Model (part 2)

In the first part of our Independent Chip Model article we discussed the basics of this tournament strategy approach, but we stopped short of detailing its actual application. The time to delve deeper into the ICM is now. As said in our previous..

Tournament Strategy – the Independent Chip Model (part 1)

The Independent Chip Model, abbreviated as ICM, is an integral part of tournament strategy for all those more or less knowledgeable in this respect. The ICM is meant to establish the value of an individual tournament chip in any given moment in a..

The top 10 Most Expensive Texas Holdem Mistakes Beginners Make

Articles have been written on the mistakes beginner poker/online poker players make, which end up costing them money and in some cases drive them to quit the game altogether, even on the pages of this website, but this piece aims to cover more..

Sheldon Adelson’s Anti-Online Poker Crusade – a War on Progress?

With various states across the US resorting to state-by-state legalization in the absence of Federal regulation, it is more and more difficult for champions of the anti-online gaming movement to keep things under control, forwarding the interests..

Fake Tournament Chips in Major Events? You’d Better Believe It!

The use of fake tournament chips in major live poker events is something reminiscent of the days of the old West, or something out of a bad poker western-themed poker movie. It is however a reality apparently, the sort of reality that gets poker..

Some More Essential Holdem: Buying the Pot

Mastering a handful of essential Texas Holdem moves might not make you a profitable player in the long run. If you intend to accomplish that, you should know that there is a lot more to it than being able to properly apply a few simple yet..

Playing in the Zone

Paying in the zone is something every poker/online poker player is looking to achieve, if possible all the time. The reason is a simple one: only when in the zone, can one hope to connect with his/her A-game, and only when in the zone can one truly..

Abysmal Tips from Top Poker Pros

To make heads and tails of the optimal strategy to beat the game of poker takes a brilliant mind indeed. Despite what various online forums will have you believe, the majority of online poker players are not winners: they are losers, and most of..

Online Satellite Strategy – The Basics

Online satellites represent one of the best sources of value in online poker, at least for those who know how to exploit them to their full potential. Online satellites offer players access to tournaments far above and beyond their actual..

Floating the Flop – Sticking it to those Nasty C-Bettors

Over the last few years, aggression has exploded at the online poker tables, and nowadays it’s safe to say that online poker has become the realm of the c-bet. There are indeed countless players out there who wield and use this powerful..

Push and Fold Strategy

According to Dan Harrington’s zone system, which is the cornerstone of pretty much every healthy tournament strategy approach, there comes a time for short-stacks when the size of the blinds corroborated with the size of their stack allows..

More Holdem Basics – Isolation Play

Becoming a successful poker player is a complex journey with a truly lofty destination indeed. While we cannot hope to single-handedly get you there, what we can do for you is to provide a set of basic tools through which they will be able to..

Holdem Basics: the Re-Steal

Many poker beginners believe that in order to become more successful at the green felt and to reach a higher level of poker thought, they need some sort of a revelation, a breakthrough which will get them from A to B in the blink of an eye...

Poker Players and the Foreign Exchange Market

Highly successful live and online poker players often have trouble finding the proper destination for all the money they generate at the green felt. It is often said that in order to be successful, a poker player needs to develop a very peculiar..

What Do You Do With Your Poker Profits?

Most profitable online poker players know all too well what to do with the money they make at the virtual green felt: some of them take the money and reinvest it into what they're really good at: poker. Others take their winnings to the slot..

Tournament strategy – coin flips

With the 2010 WSOP in full swing and with pretty much all the WSOP satellites featuring a Multi-Table Tournament format, people seem more focused on MTT strategy these days than ever. There’s only one problem with MTTs – ask any player..

Rush Poker rakeback

  Full Tilt Poker’s registered brand, Rush Poker is possibly the biggest innovation since poker hit the WWW. Some hail it as a great move in the right direction, while other bash it for killing the very essence of poker. One thing is..

Poker forums

While there is no doubt about the fact that the best way to learn the basics of sound poker play and to eventually become successful is to study poker books and to read poker articles online, a time comes when one has to move on from that..

Moneybookers transaction limits

As great an eWallet solution as Moneybookers is, it still features some limits that its users have to obey. These limits are inevitable because Moneybookers has strict anti-fraud and money laundering policies in place, and it obviously won't allow..

Using Moneybookers for your online poker deposits and withdrawals

  The online poker industry has seen quite a bit of an explosion in recent years, but I believe that popularity explosion would've been even more significant had it not been for the various complicated and often frustrating deposit and..

The weighted contributed rake method (paid rake)

The weighted contributed rake method is also known as paid rake or actual paid rake, for good reason. Poker rooms which use this rake contribution method determine exactly how much credit a player should get for his contribution, based on the..

The contributed rake method

Due to the fact that other rake contribution methods seem to offer an unfair advantage to one player or another, some poker rooms use the Contributed rake method, or average rake method to determine their players’ individual rake..

The Dealt rake method

The Dealt rake method (also known as rake share or shared rake) is one of the most popular methods poker rooms use to determine each player’s individual rake contribution and thus to calculate the due rakeback. The dealt rake method is..

Shoot the Moons

Shoot the moons is an interesting dice-based game that DiceArena offers besides Dice Holdem. This game has nothing in common with Holdem, although that is not to say its strategic side is shallow. Its rules are extremely simple to get your mind..

Dice Holdem

If you’re attracted by dice, yet you feel craps is a way too complicated and boring game for you, we have the perfect solution. A cross between Texas Holdem and craps, Dice Holdem is the newest online craze sweeping across the online gaming..

Methods for calculating rake and rakeback

Signing up for any rakeback deal carries huge advantages for all players, not just for those who play high-stakes or win all the time. As you probably know, poker rooms make their money by raking off a small percentage of each pot that is won on..

Massive freerolls

There are a few online poker sites out there that offer completely free entries to some of their quite generously prize-pooled freerolls. By completely free I mean the tourney doesn’t require a password, FPPs or any other special doohickey to..

Beating online poker - part 1

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it seems so difficult to beat online poker? Even people who are good live poker players often feel the same way. The reason is probably the fact that online poker presents some pretty peculiar challenges for..

Beating online poker - part 2

Once you manage to finally have your opponents figured out (if not read) you need to apply the right strategy against each one of them. Having an opponent 'figured out' means that you get a general idea about his playing style, it doesn't actually..

Learn to evaluate bonus offers

The fact that all online poker rooms give their players some sort of bonuses upon sign-up, or even over a longer period of time, is not a secret, not even for the fishiest of beginners. Telling however, which of these bonuses provide real value and..

Bankroll management

In poker, bankroll management is quite a bit different from just about any other casino gambling genre. While in sports betting you have some pretty clear guidelines as to how you should use the money available to you for that purpose (use about 3%..

How to get started in online poker

Being a beginner is never easy, regardless of what activity we're talking about. Being an online poker rookie is all the more difficult, because this game is very deceiving. Most beginners bust out 2-3 times before they actually realize they've..

What to look for as a beginner, and why?

Every day, hundreds and possibly thousands of people go through the stage of being online poker first-timers. Being a rookie at anything is tough, and this is especially true of online poker. You deposit your money, you join the room, you go..

The World Series Of Poker

The WSOP is where poker dreams come true. No doubt about that. People like Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem are living proof. The reason it's such an El-Dorado for poker players is, that it's accessible to everyone and anyone. Anyone..

Multi Table Tournament analysis

Multi table tournaments are some of the most popular online poker game formats out there. Some of these MTTs are massive, with thousands of players signing up to them (such is the case of network-wide freerolls) others are limited by the..

STT considerations - part 1

STTs are beyond doubt, some of the most handy opportunities to make money in an online poker room. The reasons leading to their increased profitability are varied, but the reduced competition and the relatively good odds (outlast 7 players at a ten..

STT Considerations - part 2

The second part of an STT tournament will usually be a short handed frenzy. I've heard people talk about short handed and long handed STTs. That kind of beats me why, because every STT (except heads-up ones) has both a short handed and a long..

Hiring prop players

What's the first thing you need after you've opened an online poker room? Players, of course. You run an advertising campaign online and through other forms of media, you let everyone know you're room is open for business, and you set some very..

Poker rooms accepting US players

Check here to view a full list of poker rooms accepting US players. Ever since the UIGEA was passed in September 2006, American players have found it more and more difficult to play poker online. This law, which voted under quite peculiar..

U.S. Poker Rooms

I remember when the UIGEA was passed in September 2006, I figured it was only meant to protect the interests of domestic online gambling enterprises, against the onslaught of the offshore sports betting, online casino and poker companies. I also..

How to get better at poker

Television has been credited big for the explosion of popularity, poker in general and online poker in particular, has seen in recent years. There might be something to this concept, as most rookies who hit the Texas Holdem tables of various..

Poker cashback

Any good poker player knows that beating online Texas Holdem is an extremely tedious affair, as the luck element has a frustratingly huge influence on the outcome of every single hand. As such, in order to generate money, players need to make use..

Poker VIP programs

The problems involving bonus whoring in online poker, became obvious quite a while back. The sign-up bonus war among online poker rooms was in full swing when it became apparent that it wasn't exactly serving the interests of the online poker..

Recruting poker players

Since the very beginning of the online poker phenomenon, it became obvious that it would surpass live poker by far, for a number of reasons. Because of the fact that online poker rooms are based on the internet, and thus their target population..

Becoming a rakeback affiliate

I bet you heard about rakeback and about how one could make money with it. From a player's perspective, it's advantages are obvious, so I reckon there's no use in going into details on that level. In this article, I want to take a look at rakeback..

Online vs. Live poker

It is often said, that online poker is so different from its real life counterpart, that the two of them can barely even be called two versions of the same game. There are indeed differences, some milder, other more striking, but - at the end of..

Pay less rake

Online Texas Hold'em is a game that requires players to find some sort of a long-term edge, something that they can apply time and time again, over the course of several hands, preferably on each and every single hand that they play. Advantages..

Pre-flop action and starting hands

One of the most common mistakes rookie players make is that they play too many hands. Poker is the kind of game that presents many temptations. Seeing hand after hand how others get hit by the flop on rags, can and will drive players to act on rags..

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