Dice Holdem

This article was posted on December 1, 2008

If you’re attracted by dice, yet you feel craps is a way too complicated and boring game for you, we have the perfect solution. A cross between Texas Holdem and craps, Dice Holdem is the newest online craze sweeping across the online gaming community. As a poker player of ours, you deserve the chance to gain access to this game, to assess it for yourself and to play it with the huge rake reduction we are currently able to provide to you.

Here are the rules of this game:

Players sit around the table as the action goes round in a clock-wise direction. There is a dealer button just like in Holdem, and there are compulsory blinds bets too. The player on the dealer’s immediate left is the Small Blind, the player on the SB’s left is the Big Blind. After the blinds are posted, each player shoots two dice. The dice are kept out of the sight of other players (this would be difficult at a live table, but it’s a cinch online), as they will form the players’ hole-cards, or rather hole-dice.

When all of the players are done shooting their dice, the preflop betting round commences. Just like in Holdem, players can elect to call the BB, to raise it or to fold.It is possible to win the pot by forcing all the other players to fold.

Following the preflop betting round, the dealer shoots three dice and leaves them on the table in plain view. These are the community dice that make up the flop. Players will once again bet, call, raise or fold, depending on the relative strength of their hands. They will be required to make a 5-dice hand, using their pocket-dice and their community ones.

The flop is followed by yet another roll (the turn) which too is followed by betting. The last community dice is called the river, and it too is followed by betting.

At the end of the hand, players show their dice and the one with the strongest 5-dice hand wins.


This is the hand-ranking that you’ll have to play by in Dice Holdem:

A pair is a hand which has two dice of the same value in it and three other dice. It beats every high-dice hand.

Two pair consists of two pairs of dice of the same value and a kicker. Two pairs beat all high dice, and all pairs. When two hands containing two pairs are compared, the higher pair is compared first (the bigger one wins), the lower pair next and the kicker last.

A Three of a Kind (also known as a set) consists of three dice of the same value. Sets beat all hands described above. If your set is higher than your opponent’s set, you win. If sets are of the same value kickers are used as tie-breakers.

A Straight is made up of 5 dice of consecutive values (2,3,4,5,6 for instance). Straights are stronger than sets. When two straights measure up against one another, the one ending in the higher dice wins.

A Full House consists of three dice of one value and another pair of another value (different from that of the set). Full Houses beat Straights. A full house in which the trips are higher beats another full house.

A Four of a Kind (known as quads) beats Full Houses. It contains four dice of the same value. Higher quads beat lower ones. The kicker can also be considered as tie-breaker.

The Yatzee (or Five of a Kind) is the best hand you can make in Dice Holdem. It contains five dice of the same value. Unlike the Royal Flush in Poker, a Yahtzee can be hit by two or more players in the same time. In this case, the pot is split.


Dice Arena is the best place to play Dice Holdem. DiceArena features no-download state of the art software, one which I have extensively tested myself and found it quite impressive to say the least. You’ll be able to play Dice Holdem in FL, NL and PL formats, in cash games, MTT or STT structures. Graphics are smooth, avatars are highly customizable and funny in a tasteful way, the lobby is simple to navigate and fast. You won’t even notice you’re playing on a no-download client.



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