Betfair Rakeback: 35%

Betfair Rakeback

Betfair Rakeback: 35%
Network: iPoker
Network size: Large
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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Betfair Poker earns you 35% cash Rakeback. Cash will instantly be credited to your poker wallet. You are placed in the Gold Loyalty level, which equates to 35% rakeback. This offer is effective starting up to 72 hours from sign up.

Join RakeMeBack and get 35% Rakeback at Betfair Poker.

VIP Details

When you sign up at Betfair through RakeMeBack, you qualify for 35% cash Rakeback, which cannot be downgraded due to inactivity. You are immediately placed in the Gold Loyalty level and can start earning Status Points. The Gold tier equates to 35% Rakeback.

All benefits and rewards are subject to change and Betfair reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend any of the details or withdraw / cancel a benefit or reward.

Loyalty Club Levels: Loyalty club is made up of 3 monthly levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has a monthly Status Point requirement to achieve that specific level. Your level is calculated on a daily basis.

Loyalty LevelLoyalty MissionCash rewards for every 1250 SPs in a calendar month
BRONZE Reach Silver level to benefit
SILVER Silver Mission €10
GOLD Gold Mission €17.50

What are Status Points: Status points are used to define the level that you achieve within the Loyalty club. They are calculated based on the rake you generate in cash games, or the fees you pay in tournaments:

Rake InStatus Points
€1 25
£1 30


Betfair Poker is one component in the Betfair portfolio which includes the world's most dominating betting exchanges, casino and skillgames. Betfair is dominating the betting exchange market with a market share of more than 80%. A lot of successful sports bettors try poker where many of them are not so successful. Commonly big sports betters will play medium-high stakes when they play poker.

Poker rooms use different methods to calculate rake. According to Betfair Poker, rake is calculated using the weighted contributed rake method.

Betfair review

Launched back in 2000, Betfair is currently known as one of the largest sports exchange operators in the world. On top of the sports betting operation and online casino it runs, it also offers online poker to its customers.

Betfair Poker was launched in 2004, at the peak of the online poker craze. At the time, the operation decided that the right approach demanded it to develop its own software and to stay independent of large poker networks. This independence allowed Betfair to offer generous loyalty deals to its customers for the first 6 years of its existence. As a matter of fact, the loyalty reward market was one of the site’s prime targets. In January, 2013, the site has joined Playtech's iPoker Network, one of the largest online poker entities currently in existence. The move to iPoker ushered in several changes, as with it, Betfair have withdrawn from a number of international markets they used to serve.

The new Loyalty Club is a lot like the old one. You need to opt in from the missions tab within the Poker client to qualify for any cash back rewards through Status Points earning. Only Status Points earned after opt in will count towards cash back rewards. Status points are used to define the level that you achieve within the Loyalty club.

Betfair Poker accepts players from all countries except the following: UK, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary, Brazil, Belarus, Luxemburg, Malta, Gibraltar, Germany, Finland, Norway, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Austria, Latvia, Argentina, Ukraine, Pakistan, Thailand, Morocco, Moldova, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Andorra, Panama, Bosna & Herzegovina, Jordan, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, South Korea, Venezuela, Chile, Faroe Islands, Costa Rica, Monaco, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Bolivia, Iceland, Denmark.

Site features
  • Rich with Fish
  • 35% Rakeback
  • Listed on London Stock Exchange
  • Players from Denmark are Accepted!
  • Spotlight Tables
  • Weighted Contributed
Betfair rakeback

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