EntroPay Review

EntroPay belongs to Ixaris Systems Ltd and it is licensed by the Financial Services Authority of the UK. As such, the payment processor is pretty much guaranteed to be a safe and secure operator which has to stick to strict standards regarding the handling of customer funds. Like other FSA licensees, Ixaris keep customer funds separately from company funds, so they’re able to pay out all their customers at any time.

What exactly is EntroPay though? The best way to describe it is to say that it’s a virtual VISA card. Indeed, players who use EntroPay can upload funds from their credit cards/bank accounts and use their EntroPay account to deposit money at online casinos and online poker rooms, or to purchase goods from various online merchants.

While the online payment solution offers several advantages, it comes with a few rather daunting shortfalls too.
EntroPay accepts a variety of different currencies. Players can upload money to their EntroPay accounts from credit cards as well as debit cards. The transactions done through EntroPay are guaranteed to be safe and secure by the above said licensing authority.

The drawbacks are equally numerous though, and among them, the requirement concerning personal and financial details stands out by a head and a shoulder. US players cannot use EntroPay. Like so many other online payment options, EntroPay seems to have been developed with only European players in mind.

Another huge EntroPay disadvantage is that players will be charged a commission when uploading money to their accounts and also when making a withdrawal. Fees are also present when players withdraw money from their online poker accounts into their EntroPay accounts.

The withdrawal process can be extremely time-consuming when compared to the near-instant withdrawal offered by some of the comparable online payment solutions. EntroPay offers excellent support as well as a built-in currency converter to help those who operate with currencies other than GBP, USD and EUR.

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