Rakeback Calculator

The amount of rakeback that you receive depends on a number of different factors. The two key factors are your rakeback percentage and your gross rake generated.

RakeMeBack can help you estimate how much rake you generate and subsequently how much rakeback you are entitled to.

You will typically play at a heads up, 6 player max and 9-10 player max (full) tables. Select the one you usually play.

Your table limits/stakes make a large difference in the pot sizes and hence rake taken from each hand. Select the limit you usually play.

The more tables you play, the more your rakeback generated multiplies. How many tables do you typically play at once?

Another important factor is the number of hands you play, which can be determined either by how many hours you play a day, or how many hands you play. Inputting an estimate of how many hands you play will provide a more accurate quote.

hours per day
OR hands per day

Finally, and very importantly, determine what rakeback percentage you anticipate receiving. Refer to the list of poker room rakeback percentages at right if you are unsure.


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