The contributed rake method

This article was posted on August 10, 2009

Due to the fact that other rake contribution methods seem to offer an unfair advantage to one player or another, some poker rooms use the Contributed rake method, or average rake method to determine their players’ individual rake contributions.

The contributed rake method only takes those players into account who put money into the pot one way or another. If you get your cards and then fold without posting a compulsory bet (blind) or a voluntary one, you earn zero rake contribution and thus zero rakeback too.

If you do make some kind of a contribution though, you will be allotted an equal amount of rake contribution with all the other active players.


The good: the contributed rake method (average contributed rake) is a step up from the dealt rake which gives passive players equal credit for the resulting rake. This method distributes the resulting rake more fairly, offering an obvious advantage to active players who play many hands. It's still not quite as accurate as weighted contributed rake though.


The bad: The fact alone that someone contributes to the pot doesn’t mean he should get equal credit with players who post much more money. This way, the guy who stuffs the pot silly will still end up generating rake contribution and thus rakeback for those who barely limp onto a flop or two.

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