The Dealt rake method

This article was posted on August 10, 2009

The Dealt rake method (also known as rake share or shared rake) is one of the most popular methods poker rooms use to determine each player’s individual rake contribution and thus to calculate the due rakeback.

The dealt rake method is also called rake share on account of how all players who are dealt into a hand share the burdens the rake places on their collective shoulders.

If you’re playing in a poker room which calculates your individual rake contribution through the rake share or dealt rake method, you’ll generate rake on every single hand you’re dealt into.

That’s right, you barely need to lift a finger, that is to contribute anything to the pot, and you’re already getting paid through rakeback. Even those who fold without posting any sort of money are credited for rake contribution.


The good: the dealt or shared rake has one obvious advantage for good players: it does not penalize them in the long-run, or at least not to the degree other rake calculation methods (like the contributed rake and the weighted contributed rake) do. From a rakeback angle, tight-passive players will take credit for rake they did not help generate, but it’s not likely to help them out on the long-run anyway, if they’re long-term losers.


The bad: players who fold without getting a single cent into the pot shouldn’t get credit for the resulting rake. When they do, it’s obvious they’re preying on the money tossed into the middle by other – more aggressive - players





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