Rush Poker rakeback

This article was posted on April 29, 2010


Full Tilt Poker’s registered brand, Rush Poker is possibly the biggest innovation since poker hit the WWW. Some hail it as a great move in the right direction, while other bash it for killing the very essence of poker. One thing is certain about it: it has pretty much done away with the psychological aspect of the game completely. Players are whisked from one table to another as soon as they hit the fold or the quick fold button. They have no history with the players at the table, since pretty much every hand they play is against a different set of opponents. Reads cannot be made and they cannot be put to use. Rush Poker players are pretty much left to rely on nothing but the mathematical aspect of the game, the pot odds and the hand equities. The only problem with this aspect though is that it’s relatively easy to master. Rush poker strategy on the whole is not exactly rocket science either, especially when you compare it to regular poker. It’s all about taking the good old TAG stance to he extreme basically, although some may try to take advantage of others’ tightness with limited success.


The bottom line is, as the novelty behind the concept wears of (which reminds me that Full Tilt has recently added Rush Poker tournaments to keep player interest alive), and as people catch on, the edges will pretty much disappear from the game. The whole thing will turn into tag, where the most successful players are the only ones who can hope to break even by beating the poker rake.

What that means is that rakeback will be a must for Rush Poker. Let’s take a look at a few  numbers to try to get our heads around how big the Full Tilt Poker rakeback is in Rush Poker.


In a live poker game, you can log about 30 hands per hour. In a regular online poker game, you’ll play around 80-90 hands which is quite a significant change of pace. All that is nothing compared to the 250 hands that you can log at Rush Poker every hour. What that means is that you’ll drop tons more rake on Rush Poker than anywhere else.

This is where the 27% Full Tilt rakeback we offer comes into the picture. While it won’t be able to turn the rake situation around single handedly, its impact will be bigger than on any other table in any other poker room out there. Rakeback is generally good for your play. Rush Poker rakeback is a blessing for players. Check out the Full Tilt rakeback deal offered on this site and make sure you don’t let the poker rake push you off the Rush poker tables.



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