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This article was posted on September 3, 2007

Any good poker player knows that beating online Texas Holdem is an extremely tedious affair, as the luck element has a frustratingly huge influence on the outcome of every single hand.

As such, in order to generate money, players need to make use of every single little edge they can get their hands on. Online poker presents players with a huge variety of options when it comes to sign-up bonuses, and promotions, however, when it comes to loyalty benefits, the situation is much less favorable.

The problem with first deposit and sign-up bonuses is that they only provide an initial thrust to the player's bankroll, and they usually have to be unlocked too, before they're actually transferred to the player's account, so they do indeed look a lot prettier than they actually are.

Recurring loyalty bonuses are where the real value is at, and winning poker players all know it. Poker cashback is one such reward system.
There are two types of cash-back offers you will come across on the internet: The first one is tied to free poker bankrolls. As you probably know, there are poker rooms out there which offer you free bankrolls, or free money to play with. You will have to deposit nonetheless, but you'll get all the cash you deposited, right back. A free poker bankroll is an excellent way to start a poker career without actually having to invest any money into it. Despite the cashback that you get though, it is by no means an easy way to lay the foundations of a truly solid poker bankroll, as this kind of poker cashback is nothing more than a really hefty and advantageous first-deposit bonus.

What you are (or should be) after, is an edge that will stay by your side and that will influence every single hand that you play, just like the rake does in its own negative way. After all, that is what you have to counter.
The second type of poker cashback is the best possible long-term recurring edge you can possibly secure. This cashback deal will give you money back too, however, the amount that you'll be eligible for is directly proportional with the rake that you generate.

This setup will usually revolve around the Frequent Player Points (FPPs), a player generates through real money play. An example would be the following: a player who generates 1000 FPPs, will be eligible for $20 cash back.

Cashback is usually paid directly into the poker player's account, once a month. You should always read up on the terms and conditions of the cashback deal before you actually sign up for it because: that way, you'll know exactly what it takes you to recover as much of the rake you've paid, as possible. You won't run into any surprises, and you'll also know when to expect the cashback to hit your real money account.

The overall impact of the poker cashback on your play is something that can never be overestimated. Even if you're a winning player, it translates into a huge advantage. That is probably the reason why no good poker player plays online without some form of cashback deal working for him, round the clock. That is exactly the reason why you shouldn't play without some kind of cashback, either. One of our most popular cashback deals is the Pokerstars rakeback equivalent.

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