Source Based Rake Allocation Method

This article was posted on February 11, 2015

The Source Based rake allocation method (also known as SBR) is a new way of determining individual players' rake contributions, and thus obviously the amount of rake rebate they'll get, introduced by the ever-inventive iPoker network. For online poker rooms and for affiliates, it isn't really the player who plays a lot, wins a lot and cashes out a lot who is worth the most. In fact, such players end up taking money out of the poker ecosystem, and that's never good for the operator. The most valuable players are those who deposit a lot. With that in mind, it's obvious that a player who makes a massive deposit and ends up losing a lot of money while playing relatively little, is still a much more valuable player than the grinder who barely ever makes a deposit, wins a lot and cashes out all the time.

The SBR method is aimed at rewarding depositors more, thusly attracting more recreational players to the tables of the iPoker network. According to SBR, the true value of a player is determined as a combination of the rake/tournament fees he/she generates, and the amount of money he/she deposits. This is where the novelty of it is: player deposits - while obviously a huge part of a player's actual value - were never really taken into account this way.

To make it clear: the amount of rake resulting from each cash game pot will not change because of the application of this method. What will change is how much credit the different players around the table will receive for the resulting rake.

The formula used by the SBR method to determine player value is the following:

RPV = (ORG/2)+(SBR/2)+MTT fees

In this formula, RPV is the Real Player Value, ORG is Original Rake, SBR is the Source Based Rake and MTT represents Multi Table tournaments.

The impact of the new method is undeniable: good depositors who are losing players will get more than 100% of their normal rake credited to them. Winning players who do not deposit on the other hand, will have less than 100% of their normal rake credited. 

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