Moneybookers transaction limits

This article was posted on September 10, 2009

As great an eWallet solution as Moneybookers is, it still features some limits that its users have to obey. These limits are inevitable because Moneybookers has strict anti-fraud and money laundering policies in place, and it obviously won't allow people to transfer sums as big as they want to in order to prevent them from using it for such illicit activities.

One Moneybookers limit is the outgoing transaction limit. This one is about all the money that you send out as payments and that you withdraw from your account as well. While after sign up, this limit may prove to be a little tight (especially if you're a very successful poker player and you have tons of dough to withdraw), there are several easy ways to increase it. One way is to have your personal data checked (for this you'll have to send a photo ID and possibly some utility bills). Moneybookers will then snail mail you a code using the address with which you registered, a code which you'll be able to use to increase your limit.

Your outgoing transaction limit can also be increased through the uploading of funds (all you need for this purpose is some small change really), and through the verification of a Credit/Debit card. I've increased my limit a couple of times, and now I have much more than I'll ever be able to use. Mind you that I still haven't added a credit/debit card, so that method of increasing my outgoing transaction limit is still at my disposal. You don't really have to take my word for all this though: Moneybookers is happy to provide you details on how to increase your limits, directly through your account interface.

The other limit featured by Moneybookers is the per transaction limit. This one's a flat limit which means it cannot be increased, but it is large enough to fulfill all your needs.
The bottom line is, after you increase you outgoing transaction limit a couple of times, Moneybookers becomes the ultimate online poker deposit/withdrawal option, as well as a great way to receive payments, and to shop around online.
I've recently noticed that they added an ebay option too (I haven't activated it yet, but it's probably a payment option for ebay) which turns Moneybookers into a multi-faceted eWallet solution nothing else can currently hope to catch up with.

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