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PokerLoco is an Ongame network member, a site that built its marketing strategy around an especially generous bonus offered to its new players. A nice sign-up bonus is always a welcome sight for sore eyes, however – because I know you probably came here looking for PokerLoco rakeback – I’ll have to disappoint you: there is no PokerLoco rakeback currently offered, and that fact significantly lowers the value of the deal offered by this site.

PokerLoco is owned by a Costa Rica based company (Poker Loco Nordic SA) and runs on the Ongame software you probably already know and appreciate. The room is operated from Malta though, through Pocket Rockets Industries Ltd. which is the Costa Rican company’s sister operation. This way, PokerLoco operates under a white label EU license issued by the government of Gibraltar. What all this supposedly means for an EU player is that because of the way the Gibraltar tax law is formulated, all winnings at PokerLoco are tax free.

PokerLoco offers a selection of cash bonuses for new players. Depending on the amount of money you’re willing to invest, you can secure a bonus from $50 to $1,000. Regardless of your bonus, it’ll take you 8 player points to unlock a $1 bonus. While the offer is nice, it’s still not a real substitute for PokerLoco rakeback.

PokerLoco offers its players an alternative way to add to their bankrolls: though the $50 freerolls it hosts three times a week, on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

There are plenty of other promotions at PokerLoco. The “Beat the activist” promotion for instance offers players the chance to score a $25 bounty for each and every PokerLoco “activist” they manage to knock out.

Other such promotions are the “Bonanza”, the Aussie Daily, the Brazilian Daily, The Mad Tilt, the Royal Tournament etc. As you can see, there’s no shortage of promotions here, but unfortunately a PokerLoco rakeback setup wasn’t squeezed into the offer.

If you came here looking for PokerLoco rakeback, we’re sorry to inform you, you won’t find such a deal anywhere. We can offer you viable alternatives though through our Betfair rakeback and Fortune Poker rakeback deals.

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