Unibet : VIP


Unibet : VIP
Network: Independent
Network size: Large
Signup bonus: €200
Monthly bonus: -
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You will earn rewards as soon as you get enough loyalty points. Each time you finish a challenge, your account will be credited with the corresponding loyalty points. Your loyalty points can be directly converted to cash.

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New players get €2 Ticket to Unibet OPEN, €200 Welcome Bonus and €2,000 Welcome Freeroll tickets.

The €200 bonus is activated after you log in and is released in installments as you clear the rake requirements, according to the table:

Rake Required per Level LevelCash Reward
€2 1 €1
€10 2 €4
€50 3 €15
€150 4 €40
€588 5 €140

€2 Unibet Open Ticket:
- The €2 Unibet Open ticket expires after 7 days.
- The €2 Unibet Open ticket is credited upon first login on the poker client.
- Tickets can be found under the profile section on the Unibet client.
€200 Playthrough bonus:
- The bonus is activated upon first login.
- The bonus released in increments and credited to your balance once cleared.
- Bonus money will be released according to the table above.
- Bonus will expire after 60 days of activation. Any un-cleared bonus will be lost.
- Bonus is worth 25% Cashback.
€ 2,000 Welcome Freeroll Tickets:
- The 4 x €500 Welcome Freroll tickets are credited after registering on the poker client.
- The €500 Welcome Freerolls are weekly and start every Sunday.
- Welcome Freerolls expire after 35 days.


The Loyalty Club is based on earning loyalty points. Each Challenge awards different points depending on how difficult it is. The loyalty points are used to track your progress and cannot be spent directly.

If you play a mixture of cash game stakes to complete a step then you will be rewarded with the corresponding proportion of points. For example, if you show down 80% of your full houses at NL25 and 20% at NL50, you earn 80% of the points from NL25 and 20% of the points from NL50.

Texas Hold’em:

Stakes MinorMajor
NL4 70 300
NL10 225 975
NL25 800 3,500
NL50 1,600 7,000
NL100 2,750 12,000
NL200 4,000 17,500
NL400 5,000 22,500

Stakes MinorMajor
PL4 90 400
PL10 450 2,000
PL25 1,000 4,250
PL50 2,750 12,000
PL100 5,750 32,000
PL200 7,500 32,000
PL400 9,000 38,000

Stakes MinorMajor
1 45 180
2 90 360
4 180 720
10 450 1,800
25 1,125 4,500
50 2,250 9,000
100 4,500 18,000

Tournaments do not have their own steps in Challenges – SnGs and MTTs award loyalty points directly: For each €1 in Tournament or Sit&Go fee you will be given 100 points.

Click here for the full details on the Unibet Loyalty club.


Unibet is one of the biggest brands for online poker and several other products in Europe.

Unibet review

A distinctly European flavored online poker room, Unibet Poker does several things right: if features outstanding multi-language support (no fewer than 19 languages are currently supported), if offers players ways to qualify for the Unibet Open Tournaments, it is very fish-friendly, the software is great and the lobby is easy to navigate.

Using a proprietary platform, Unibet managed to consolidate its player base by going independent after a period of moving back and forth among a number of poker networks. Nowadays, it gets decent traffic at both the cash game and the tournament tables. In peak hours, there are around 1,500-2,000 players at the cash tables and 10,000 players at the tournament tables.

Everything about Unibet poker is fairly standard which means you know it works and you get value for money. The software is aimed at fulfilling players’ basic needs, but the cartoon avatars that it offers are a nice touch and the overall quality and sleek nature of the interface is a more than welcome change from the old, network-based ways.

The level of competition players are likely to encounter at Unibet Poker is decent. Preflop action is not as hot as in most US-facing poker rooms. There is a lot of preflop calling, and the focus seems to be on the post-flop aspect of the game. Some people may find that annoying, but for a flexible player it is likely to become a source of extra juice. At short-handed and turbo tables, the flops viewed percentages are through the roof: Close to 55%.

In defense of recreational players, all third-party software is banned at the site.

Unibet does not except players from the following countries: Algeria, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, USA and other U.S. territories, or Yemen.

Site features
  • Euro Tables
  • 3 Poker Lobbies
  • Anonymous Tables
  • Up to 29% rakeback with Fast Poker
  • €15 Minimum Deposit
  • Play up to 10 Tables
  • Weighted Contributed
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