Bet365 : Loyalty Club


Bet365 : Loyalty Club
Network: iPoker
Network size: Large
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Bet365 Loyalty Club enables you earn specific rewards for each Loyalty Level.

Join RakeMeBack and get cashback though the Bet 365 Loyalty Club.


Open an account with bet365 and you will get a New Player Bonus of up to €100, Tournament Tickets worth €5 and 10 Free Spins following your first qualifying deposit to your Poker account. When you create a Nickname in the poker lobby, you will receive a €5 Cash Game Ticket:

Terms & Conditions:
- Create a Nickname to get your €5 Cash Game Ticket within 48 hours, subject to account verification.
- Make your first deposit of €5 or more to get up to €100 Bonus Euros, Tournament Tickets worth €5 and 10 Free Spins.
- Bonus Euros are redeemed in installments as you earn Status Points.
- Earn 50 Status Points through play with your Cash Game Ticket to redeem it.
- Status Points are earned at a rate of 10 for every €/£1 paid in rake or tournament fees.
- Tournament Tickets are to enter tournaments of the relevant type and buy-in amount. Cash Game Tickets can only be used on ‘Premium’ cash tables.
- Winnings in excess of the Cash Game Ticket original value can be withdrawn.
- If not redeemed, Bonus Euros will expire 60 days after being credited. Unused Tournament and Cash Game Tickets and Free Spins expire 7 days after being credited.

VIP Details

The Loyalty Club is comprised of five different ‘Loyalty Levels’ Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All new players begin on Bronze level. You must earn status points to complete the required number of ‘Loyalty Steps’ within a monthly period to progress through the levels.

You collect 10 status points for every €1 or £1 paid in rake/fee. All progress is reset if you do not reach a new loyalty level before the end of the monthly period. Steps become harder to complete as you progress through the levels. 15 Bronze steps are the equivalent of 5 Silver steps.

Complete the following number of steps to progress through the Loyalty levels:

- Bronze to Silver – 15 steps
- Silver to Gold – 25 steps
- Gold to Platinum – 20 steps
- Platinum to Diamond – 85 steps

For each completed loyalty step, you are rewarded with bet365 Coins. More Coins can be earned as you move through the steps and levels. bet365 Coins can be spent in the Store when you have accumulated enough to purchase a reward of their choice. Rewards are based on their Loyalty Level.

When you reach Diamond you are instantly rewarded with 2,500 additional bet365 Coins. This is also credited every quarter that you maintain your status.

bet365 Coins can also be earned via ’Loyalty Missions’.

You are presented with a list of Loyalty Missions in the Bet365 client. Select one and try to complete it within the month. You can only work on one Loyalty Mission at a time.

Once you complete your chosen Mission, you will get a new list of Missions. All Missions will be the same as before except for the one you completed, which will be replaced with a Mission of the same game type with increased difficulty and higher reward.

The Store will allow you to spend your Coins in real time for instant rewards. Each Loyalty Level will have its own specific rewards to choose from. The following types of reward can be purchased in exchange for bet365 Coins:

Cash Game Ticket Rewards, Bonus Euro Rewards, Tournament Ticket Rewards and Cash Rewards (Platinum and Diamond only).

Bet365 review

Bet 365 is one of the poker rooms few of the top grinders bother with, and that’s exactly where some of the value it provides, resides. The competition is indeed rather soft at the site, softer even than in your average online poker room. The tournament selection covers an impressively wide range, and some of the tournaments do indeed offer outstanding guarantees.

The sign-up bonus is also great at the site (while size-wise it’s quite standard, its redemption requirements are good), and the overall promotions-system is interesting as well. Besides all the usual game-formats, Bet365 also feature a fast-folding poker variant called Speed-poker, for those players for whom the pace of the regular action just won’t do.

The “minus” column isn’t a particularly hefty one in Bet365’s case: Their software is a bit blend from a visual perspective, but that obviously doesn't have a bearing on the actual quality of the games. Another minus would be the rather limited game-selection, which is currently comprised of Holdem and Omaha only, granted in a variety of betting structures.

Why exactly is the competition so great at Bet365 though? Taking a closer look at the company behind the operation will explain a lot in this regard. Bet365 is a privately owned British gambling company, which is focused on sports betting and which is indeed one of the largest and richest such companies in the world. A large part of its poker liquidity is comprised of sports bettors, who traditionally don’t make particularly great poker players, especially if it is through Bet365 that they make their first contact with the game.

Bet365 does not accept traffic from the US. There are a number of other countries on its restricted list as well, like Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, Turkey and Venezuela.

Site features
  • 18+ Only Allowed
  • Players from SPAIN are accepted!
  • Multi-table With Tile or Cascading
  • Bonus NOT Deducted
  • Tourney & SnG Fees are Included
  • SBR
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