Prop Site #2xx Rakeback: 95%

Prop Site #2xx Rakeback

Prop Site #2xx Rakeback: 95%
Network: Prop sites
Network size: Small
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

General Information
This prop site launched in July and has got off to a good start so far with established software and some innovative ideas. The prop pay is 95% and the prop rules are very easy. All limits and games are allowed.

Prop Compensation
95% rakeback on all games, all limits

The prop pay is paid weekly at Tuesdays for the previous week directly to the prop's account.

Frequently asked questions about this site
I already got an account at this site, can I still be a prop here?
-Yes this can probably be done, please contact Prop Support for more information
Where do I get my rakeback, and what day am I being paid?
- You are paid weekly directly to your account at Tuesdays for the previous week (Mon-Sun).
Can I see how much I have raked?
- Yes, poker points are visible on the player account in the My Account section. 10 poker points are equal to €1 in rake or fees.

Rules and restrictions
1. Before you start propping, check in to the shiftmanager at Yahoo IM or MSN Messenger by sending "alias is checking in for propping at Prop Site #2, blinds $xx/xx" The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play. The shiftmanager is not a live support. For any support matter please contact the Prop Support through mail.

2. When all the seats are taken at the prop's table(s) they need to open a new table or leave the full one(s).

3. Props are not eligible for any promotions unless otherwise stated.
Site features
  • Easy Prop Rules
  • All games and stakes allowed
Prop Site #2xx rakeback

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