Betfair-OLDPROP Rakeback: 40%

Betfair-OLDPROP Rakeback

Betfair-OLDPROP Rakeback: 40%
Network: OnGame
Network size: Medium
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
Preferred Deposit Method...
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

Prop Site #1

General information

Prop Site #1 is an extremely lucrative deal for highrollers and unlike many other prop-schemes pays high rewards to Single Table Tournament players (Sit & Go's).

NOTE: Every hand or tournament you play outside of the below structures you will be credited 30% rakeback.

Prop compensation
For all the activity within the specified stake levels & entry requirements for the scheme (please login for details for details):
• SNG’s at 85% Rake back
• All Guaranteed MTT’s equals & above $50 buy in at 85% Rake back
• All Guaranteed MTT’s below $50 buy in at 45% Rake back
• Fixed Limit Cash Games at 75% Rake back
• No Limit & Pot Limit Cash Games at 50% Rake back

Additionally if a player generates more than £400 in total rake per week we guarantee:
• 40% rake back on all activity not mentioned in the above scheme

Frequently asked questions for this site
I already got an account at this site, can I become a prop anyway?
- Maybe, it depends. Please contact for more information

Where do I get my rakeback, and what day do I get paid?
- Mondays directly to your account. You find it in your history named "credit".

Can I see how much I have raked?
- No, unfortunately not

The shiftmanager does not answer my check ins, is this normal?
The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play.

Payment Options
Bank Wire
Click and Buy
Western Union

We have changed the rules regarding maximum numbers of props, this makes it even more important to follow the rules that are left.

Rules and Restrictions
The rules are updated 2009/07/13

Before you start playing, make sure you check in to the shiftmanager (if you login and accept the prop agreement you will find the details)

1) Prop players must follow the guidelines specified for MTTs, SNGs and Cash tables above in order to receive prop pay (you need to log in and accept the prop agreement to see the detailed information). If a prop break those guidelines the prop will only receive 30% rakeback.

2) Prop players may not join queues for full tables. If all of a prop's tables at a given level are full then the prop player must start a new table. Any player found to have been queuing for tables forfeits all rakeback payments for that day

3) Prop players are NOT eligible for any promotions or bonuses

4) Prop players are NOT allowed to sit out at full tables

5) The Prop site reserves the right to withhold payment to any prop players suspected of collusion or abuse of the scheme in general

6) Before you start propping, check in to the shiftmanager at Yahoo IM or MSN Messenger by sending "alias is checking in for propping at Prop Site Name, table xx, blinds xx"
The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play.

The shiftmanager is not a live support.

Please note:
The benefits set out in this document are subject to alteration at any time by the poker platform provider and may be withdrawn completely. Nothing in this document binds the poker platform provider to observe the terms of this arrangement other than what they may agree directly with Rakemeback

Site features
  • Up to 85% rakeback
  • Contributed rake
  • Established network
Betfair-OLDPROP rakeback

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