Prop Site #6 Rakeback: 85%

Prop Site #6 Rakeback

Prop Site #6 Rakeback: 85%
Network: Prop sites
Network size: Small
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

Prop Site #6

General Information
This prop deal is an exclusive deal at an established network with good traffic already. The seating rules are relatively easy to be a prop deal of this kind and the prop payment is good. This deal is aimed at players playing Omaha or higher Texas Holdem limits. This site allows propping at HU SNGs.

Prop compensation:
85% on all prop limits.
All games outside the prop limits pays 27% to the prop.

Prop Limits:
FL: $3/6 and above
NL/PL Texas Holdem: $1/2 and above
SNG: HU SNGs $20+
Omaha: All stakes

Frequently asked questions:
Q: I have an existing account, can I still be a prop?
A: It is possible only if your account have been inactive for more than 6 months and is not linked to another affiliate. Contact Prop Support and they will assist you.

Q: Where do I get paid and when?
A: You are paid weekly to your account.

Rules and restrictions
1) When all of the prop table(s) become full the prop must either leave the table or start a new table of the same stake.

2) Props are not allowed to sit at waiting lists. Any prop found at a waiting list forfeits all rakeback for that day. If it is repeated the prop will be removed from the prop program.

3) Props are not allowed to sit out at any table for any reason.

4) Props are not allowed to take the last seat of a table

5) When playing HU props are not allowed to refuse to play against anyone.

6) When playing HU SNGs the prop must sit down first in order to receive prop payment.

7) If a prop plays the majority of their game outside the prop limits the site reserves the right to remove this prop from the prop program

8) Props are not eligible for any promotions unless otherwise stated

9) Props who take advantage of Loyalty Points to Cash will have them deducted from their prop payments

10) Props must report in to the Prop Manager every time they start a new propping session, failure to do so may result in no prop payments

11) A prop must never disclose their prop deal to another person or player

12) Props must be polite in the chat, no abusive or sarcastic chat of other players will be tolerated

13) The Prop site reserves the right to withhold payment to any prop players suspected of collusion or abuse of the scheme in general
Site features
  • Established network
  • Exclusive deal
  • Allows propping at HU SNGs
  • Mac compatible
  • PokerTracker, PokerOffice and Hold'Em Manager compatible
Prop Site #6 rakeback

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