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It is vital that your playing style, bankroll and your rakeback deal is being used at the correct poker site for YOU.

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Increasing your Dealt Rake Method contribution

The Dealt Rake Method rewards every player dealt cards in a raked hand. This means that the rake is shared evenly amongst all the players, no matter if you contributed and won or lost the most in the pot, all the other players will get the same amount of rake as you. As your rakeback depends on the amount of rake the poker site calculates you to have contributed to each hand this is very, very important to know.

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To increase your Dealt Rake Method contribution and your rakeback deals through RakeMeBack you need to know what style you play and the cash table limits you want to play.

This method of calculating your rake really rewards and increases the rakeback of players who see a lot of pots without raising pre flop (limping in). If you then will normally fold on the flop if there is action (other players betting and raising) and you have not hit a good hand, or, do not have the pot odds to call with a drawing hand, then poker sites who use the Dealt Rake Method should be good for your rakebake.

If you are a good but tight player who does not take many risks and can fold a hand when you do not have anything the Dealt Rake Method is also good for you, as the method is better than the Weighted Contribution calculation.

Players who play a lot of hands but are often re raising and calling down other players to the river may find that the Dealt Rake Method does not increase or reward their playing style as much as the other methods. As this method shares out the rake between all the players, your action and risks increase the rake for everyone else without rewarding you with your fair share. The more action (raising and betting) by players the higher the pot will be and the higher the rake taken but it does not go just to those who created the action and the rake.

If you are a Loose Agressive Player (LAG or player who plays a lot of hands, bets and creates action at the table) then you should look at playing on poker sites who use Weighted Contribution (Paid Rake) or Contributed Rake (Average Rake)

Contributed Rake Method
Minted Poker

Minted Poker   EU

Rakeback:  40%   Network:  Everleaf Gaming
Weighted Contributed Rake Method
Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker   USEU

Rakeback:  VIP   Network:  Merge Gaming
Dealt Rake Method
Red Star Poker

Red Star Poker   

Rakeback:  30%   Network:  Microgaming


If you are a tight player who is multi-tabling (playing a number of tables at the same time) then Dealt Rake poker sites are ideal for you. While you wait to play only premium starting hands or hands that play well in pots with a lot of people in them (suited connectors for example) you are earning rakeback from other players at the table.

The idea of playing tight and mult-tabling is that you reduce your risks by only playing the best hands or pot odds for you. As you are playing fewer hands the amount your will win in an hour is less than other players but because you are playing more tables your total winnings amount is multiplied. With reduced risks to your bankroll you can win money and as you are playing on a Dealt Rake poker site you will still be earning rake and rakeback.

Cash Table Stakes and Game types

When you play on a poker site that uses the Dealt Rake Method the higher the cash table stakes you play on the more likely hands at that table will be raked and the higher your rakeback. If you play at micro stakes you will have a lot less chance of hands being raked and you will not get as much rakeback.

If you play Omaha then there is a lot more action and a lot more hands are raked. On average at the same cash table stakes an Omaha game will produce many times more rake and larger pots than a No Limit Holdem game.

So you could play lower stakes Pot Limit Omaha (PL Omaha), play very tightly waiting for premium hands, and still rake a decent amount compared to a much lower rake and rakeback amount at the same cash game table stakes for NL Holdem.

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