CEREUS Rakeback

Absolute Poker Rakeback

Absolute Poker

  • Rakeback: 30%
  • Signup bonus: $500
  • Monthly bonus: -
UB Rakeback


  • Rakeback: 30%
  • Signup bonus: $1100
  • Monthly bonus: -

Rake type: Average Contributed
Player base: Large
Skins: 2

In an effort to unite their forces in a brand new online poker enterprise and probably to make past sins forgotten, poker giants Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have been re-launched, powered by the cereus network, an online poker system built from the ground up. Check out one of the deals featured above to sign up for cereus rakeback.

Bigger, Badder and Better - as advertised on AP's and UB's websites, the Cereus network will certainly create one of the biggest online poker player bases in the world. As part of the changes that will take place now that the Cereus Network has been launched, Absolute Poker lists the following:

  • There will be more players (approximately twice as many for both poker rooms concerned than in the past), there will be more action, play will be faster and bad beat jackpots will also grow much faster. Meeting the weekly flagship tournament guarantees will no longer be a challenge for either of the poker rooms.
  • The Cereus network has made security a priority. The 24/7 Security center will guarantee that no irregular winning patterns shall go unnoticed (there have been a few problems in the past in this respect).
  • If two players happen to have the very same nick-name (one on AP and one on UB) the one who has generated the more STATUS points will be the one who will be allowed to keep his/her nick. The other guy will be prompted to change nicks.
  • The owner behind Absolute Poker and the Cereus Network is Tokwiro Enterprises, and both poker rooms shall continue to be regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
  • Support and payment processing shall become parts of a unified system, which means that cash-outs and deposits will be processed faster and that customer support will be more efficient too.
  • Players will no longer be able to play with AP only or UB only opponents. Every table will probably feature a mix of the two player-bases and that will lead to more action and bigger prize-pools on all blinds-levels, not to mention more generous promotions.

The Cereus platform has been in development for about 12 months, its launch being the culmination of a year's work aimed at improving stability, reliability, speed, overall action quality and security. Sign up to any of the poker rooms of the cereus network to start earning cereus rakeback now.

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