Enet Rakeback

Rake type: Weighted Contributed
Player base: Medium
Sites Sharing Network: 57

The ENET Poker network is an Italian-based provider of turnkey online poker solutions. The ENET network is apparently one of the preferred partners of new online poker upstarts. There are several online poker rooms using ENET products, although currently none of them major, internationally well-known operations.

The ENET network offers a wide range of products covering online poker, online casino games and sports betting. All these products are parts of a single platform which offers full interoperability and compatibility.

The ENET Poker network is an entity which had been limited to Italian players up until recently. What that basically means is that it’s a giant fish-pool of gambling Italians, thus far untainted by the presence of US-based or Scandinavian competition. ENET players seem to have an attitude of their own in regards to the game of poker, therefore all ENET poker rooms are extremely juicy for the time being.

The ENET Poker software feels and looks as modern as the best of them. The graphics are decent and the functionality is great. For those looking to take an actual trip back in time to when all online poker rooms were as juicy as the ENET ones, this network is a no-brainer choice. The rake tends to be a problem for some of the ENET Network players, therefore taking advantage of an ENET network rakeback deal makes perfect sense.

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