League Rakeback

Launched back in 2012, the League Poker network is one of the newer operators out there, with just enough experience to grant it credibility. According to their own representatives, the League Network is focused on the European and emerging online poker markets, and within that niche, on recreational players. The rewards-system of the network is indeed a clear reflection of this focus: players are rewarded for a plethora of “accomplishments” like simply spending time at the tables, or folding their hands.

The whole League Poker network atmosphere is meant to be a casual one: entertainment is brought about by all the side-game-like rewards, while the real money action is indeed fulfilling for those who know how to take advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses.

As far as the quality of the competition goes, League Network sites are indeed among the fishiest. Many of their players are sports bettors and casino gamblers, and the flops viewed percentages are often in the mid 50s. Some of the value induced by this fishiness is offset by the relatively high rake, but those who sign up to League through the right channels will be able to defeat this shortcoming without problems.

By staying active and engaging in real money action, League network customers will earn Gold Chips and Gold Cards, and they will climb the Loyalty Level ladder, which secures them additional rewards.

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