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RakeMeBack has the largest selection of poker prop deals available. Check out all the deals, but make sure you pick those that fit you well and then sign up to gain a serious financial edge against your opponents.

The poker rooms don't want it common knowledge that they offer propping, so the identity of the poker rooms are hidden until you register and accept the terms of not sharing that knowledge.

Register an account with us and then log in. Revisit the Prop Deals area and the identities should be revealed as you check ou the individual prop deals. Prop deals can be very profitable; sometimes with rates that exceed 100% rakeback, but they also have some limitations that you need to understand. Read the individual prop deals carefully and sign up for as many as fit your game.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Online Propping, please see our Poker Propping FAQ.

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Prop Site #18 Rakeback

Prop Site #18

  • Network: Prop sites
  • Rakeback: 85%
  • Signup Bonus: $10
  • Monthly Bonus: -
  • US
Prop Site #19 Rakeback

Prop Site #19

  • Network: Prop sites
  • Rakeback: 90%
  • Signup Bonus: -
  • Monthly Bonus: -
  • US
Prop Site #21 Rakeback

Prop Site #21

  • Network: Prop sites
  • Rakeback: 70%
  • Signup Bonus: -
  • Monthly Bonus: -
  • US

Being a poker prop could be the break you've been searching for indeed. With rakeback offers like 135%, you'll be able to make money even if you're normally a slightly losing player. Does 135% sound too good to be true? It won't once you find out what poker propping is about.

When you become a poker prop, you're basically hired by the poker room you join as a prop player (choose one of the offers above). The prop site won't pay you a set salary, instead they'll hit you with an unusually high rakeback deal. In other words, they will compensate you in direct proportion to your value to them which makes a lot more sense if you think about it.

It is a prop poker player's purpose and duty to provide action for the regular customers of the site.It's not like you're compelled to play whether you feel like it or not. You put your own money at risk and in your own time. You're not forced to do anything, besides follow the rules of the site you choose - but if you play less you generate less rake, and thus you earn less too.There may also be added incentives in the shape of prop promotions or higher prop rates for those who meet targets.

Also, online poker props are tied by certain constraints: they are usually not allowed to wait in queue at any full table, they need to create a new table instead. There might be restrictions to how many other props can be at their table. The number of prop players at a given table is usually limited by the size of it - 10, 6 or 2 handed. Most sites do not allow poker props to play on heads up tables. They may however allow you to play heads up with other props on 6 or 10 handed tables to get games going.

Certain limits/stakes may also be declared off-limit for a poker prop, (those that the poker room already has enough players on) and that may compel you to adapt to other limits and skill-levels than you're used to.

If you become a poker prop, you'll get the hang of the system fast enough, and you'll realize that poker propping can indeed be the major turning point in your online poker career.

We have professional shift managers available on Skype (pokerprops), who will actively manage the props. It's important that you check in with them often. For more information on the specific rules of any of the sites we offer, kindly click the links above.

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