Prop Site #14 Rakeback: 80%

Prop Site #14 Rakeback

Prop Site #14 Rakeback: 80%
Network: Prop sites
Network size: Small
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

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Prop Site #14

This is a unique Prop deal for a new online gaming concept where you play Blackjack cash games or 'Sit and Go' Tournaments against each other and not the Casino. Each player at the table takes it in turn to be the Dealer, so you are playing against other players and not the House/Casino.

Props can play and earn 80% rakeback on Blackjack cash table games and Sit and Go Tournament fees. Player can multi-table up to a total of 4 tables. The 4 tables can be any mixture of Blackjack cash tables and Tournament tables.

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Site features
  • Tournament Fees included
  • Mac and Linux compatible
  • NOT poker
  • Blackjack Prop deal
  • Blackjack Tournament Leaderboard
Prop Site #14 rakeback

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