PokerStars: 2016 PCA - Largest Live Poker Festival Ever

November 4, 2015

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is without a doubt one of the biggest poker festivals of the year, and taking place in early January, it is always the first major event, set to kick the year off on the right foot.

For the next edition of the PCA, PokerStars are ready to pull out all stops to make it the biggest live poker series ever. Starting on January 6, the PCA will wrap up on January 14 and PokerStars players will now get the opportunity to play for free.

How does one earn a PCA seat for free though? There are several ways, the first one of which is about completing a puzzle. Until November 8, there are daily freerolls running as well.

The PCA VIP bash is a tournament which takes place on November 7 and hands out 5 PCA packages. Buying into the tournament is possible for 25K FPPs, and satellites are running too for much less.

The Main Qualifying path leads through the PCA Mega Qualifier though, which takes place on Sunday, November 8, and which features no fewer than 25 guaranteed packages.

Sign up to PokerStars right now and make your way into the PCA for pocket change or for free!

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