Full Tilt: Adrenaline Rush Tables Now Available

January 10, 2014

As pretty much every noteworthy online poker operator offers some sort of fast-folding poker these days, the original creators of the genre, Full Tilt Poker, came under increasing pressure to continue innovating in order to keep ahead of the pack. What their marketing team and developers came up with in this respect is a newer take on Rush Poker, called Adrenaline Rush, and quite frankly, this one may be pushing the envelope a little bit.

Adrenaline Rush is designed to be even faster than Rush Poker through its short-handed/short stacked nature. Adrenaline Rush games are 4-handed. The buy-ins for these tables range from 5-10 BBs and the betting – all of which happens preflop - is capped at 10 BBs.

Most of the time, players can only choose between folding and raising. There are two special buttons available for players: quick-folding and raise max, the first one of which whisks them away to another table immediately, while the second one puts them all-in.

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