NETWORK: Americas Cardroom – The Beast Set Loose

September 30, 2012

Americas Cardroom will host the third edition of the poker points race known as "The Beast" in October and there are five newly signed up players who will undertake the challenge under the scrutiny of the cameras, the webcams that is: They will webcam their grinds for the whole world to see.

Besides offering a fabulous jackpot and a generous secondary jackpot as well, "The Beast" also gives players the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the poker world. That is obviously a huge part of why it’s so popular.

The prize-pools get bigger all the time: This month’s projected winner is already guaranteed to pick up $10k, which is his jackpot win only, not counting the money he may have made at the tables while grinding away.

Unlike other online poker jackpots which are only awarded when someone fulfills a certain set of extremely demanding and difficult-to-attain criteria, "The Beast" is awarded on a monthly basis.

The five players who will lock horns in "The Beast" during October, are Owen Gaines, known online as "MamaCoolJ1", Thomas McDaniel (clutch 352), Matt Amen (Giant Buddha) and John McClain (Curmunchkin). Those interested can watch the above said 5 players in action through "The Beast Live" feature at Americas Cardroom.

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