Betfair-OnGame: Betfair’s Natural Born Grinders Race

July 10, 2012

Although it kicked off way back in June, the Natural Born Grinders points race at Betfair is still very much in the news. The promotion is basically an 8-weeks race which wraps up on August 16, giving rakeback (and regular) players the chance to secure some massive additional prizes.

The best four weeks of each qualifying participant will be taken into account at the end of it all. In order to qualify, players will have to take part in the action for at least 2 weeks. The object of the race is to accumulate as many player points as possible.

The winner of the race will take home $10k, while second place is worth $8k. A total of 150 places are paid. The last paying position is worth $50. Players have to opt into this promotion manually.

The best part of the deal is that rakemeback players will receive an additional 25% on top of their Natural Born Grinders winnings. What this means is that the winner – if he’s a rakemeback player – will take home $12,500 instead of $10k. All the other prizes are similarly augmented as well.

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