Betfair-OnGame: Betfair’s Raked Hands Frenzy Promotion Kicks off in July

July 9, 2012

On July 4, Betfair have launched a promotion which will suit rakeback players like a glove: the $50k Raked Hands Frenzy promotion gives players the possibility to win additional prizes, and since rakeback players are generally focused on logging as many raked hands as possible anyway, this offer will play right into their pockets.

The $50k Raked Hands Frenzy is an opt-in promotion. Players have to manually opt in to participate, until July 19. The promotion features three leader boards: the Gold one rewards its winner with a $2.5k prize, paying a total of 100 players, with the smallest prize being $75. The Silver leader board offers the winner a $1,250 prize. The last paying position (100th) is worth $20. The Bronze leader board gives the winner $800. It pays a total of 150 places. 150th place is worth $10.

The object of the promotion is to log as many qualifying raked hands as possible. Given that Betfair adheres to the "no flop no drop" policy, we recommend that players see as many flops as possible.

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