Betsafe: Betsafe Fast Poker - Rush Poker in Sheep's Clothing

May 16, 2012

Betsafe has joined the list of sites which offer Rush Poker-like tables, where players go up against a whole pool of opponents, essentially moving to a different table every time they hit the fold button.

Betsafe’s version of the game is called Fast Poker, and it looks, feels and acts exactly like the now defunct Rush Poker used to. Those who hit Betsafe’s Fast Poker tables won’t have to wait around industriously folding one starting hand after another till they hit one they like. They can just hit the fast fold button and be dealt into a new hand instantly. Fast Poker will thus allow players to rack up a ludicrously high number of hands per hour.

Betsafe is currently the only Ongame skin featured at RakeMeBack that offers this new feature.

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