Bitcoin Poker Rooms

May 8, 2014

Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized currency in the sense that it is not controlled by central bank. Initially hailed as the money of the future, Bitcoin suffered some recent setbacks due to which the actual real money exchange rate of the currency took a bit of a dive. As an online payment solution however, Bitcoin is quite possibly second to none on account of all the advantages that it offers, of which the most important is the anonymity factor. Just like cash, Bitcoin payments done are all anonymous, and no recipient ever requires any sort of personal information from the person making the payment.

With that in mind, we’re glad to announce that we have recently launched two poker prop deals both of which are on Bitcoin poker sites, and what’s even more interesting is that both sites accept US players. All deposits are made completely anonymously in Bitcoins and funds can then be withdrawn in the same way once one is done playing.

Obviously, because it’s poker propping we’re talking about, there are some pretty fabulous rake rebate percentages involved as well.

Whether Bitcoins do indeed represent the future of currency or whether they’re just an attempt at regaining some of the long-lost freedoms and anonymity of the internet doesn’t really matter. What matters in this instance, is that these poker rooms accept it the same way many online and a few brick and mortar merchants do, and that – coupled with the prop rakeback - is an advantage a savvy player knows how to exploit.

Sign up to our Bitcoin poker rooms right now and beat the system at its own game! Put those Bitcoins to use…after all that’s what they’re for…

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