Betsafe (MG): Blazing Cannon Set to Revolutionize Blaze Poker

October 2, 2013

Every now and then, an innovation comes along in online poker that has the whole community abuzz at least for a while. Some of these innovations – like the introduction of fast folding poker – have been truly revolutionary. Others – like’s Blazing Cannon – are meant to breathe new life into previous innovations the novelty factor of which has long worn out.

The “Blazing Cannon” feature recently introduced by Betsafe for their Blaze Poker tables is essentially a side-game. Those who win pots at certain stakes will have a cannon fuse burn down closer to ignition. Once the fuse burns down completely, the mini game is launched. In it, the player uses a cannon to hit a house of cards. Knocking down gold suits will give players a bonus which ranges from €1 to €100. There are no limits on the number of Blazing Cannon bonuses one can secure.

One of the reasons why site officials saw it fit to introduce the game was to loosen up their fast folding poker games, and in that respect, they have indeed been successful. Player liquidity increased radically at the Blaze Poker tables as well.

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