Terminal Poker: Bonus Redemption Now Possible in Casino

December 20, 2013

Terminal Poker has featured an online casino and a sportsbook for a while, but the sign-up bonus one got for registering at the site could only be redeemed at the online poker tables thus far.

Yesterday, that has been changed though: from now on, wherever they’re engaged in real money action at the site, players will contribute towards the redemption of their Terminal Poker sign-up bonus. For every €5 bonus-batch, players have to earn 1k user points. For every €0.02 contributed in rake, players pick up one user point. Also, for every €5 wagered at the blackjack tables, €1 wagered at roulette, and €0.5 wagered at slots/other casino games, players are rewarded with one user point. For every €0.5 in qualified turn-over at the sportbook, players also pick up one user point.

The Terminal Poker bonus is active for 90 days.

If you do not have an account with Terminal Poker, which is a "Zoom Poker" style poker network, then sign up now for weekly 30% rakeback and a sign up bonus of 200% up to €400. Another great feature about Terminal Poker is that the First Deposit Bonus is NOT deducted from your rakeback payments.

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