No Pro Poker: Enet: Fast-Folding Poker Launched

January 9, 2014

Enet Poker have finally added their own version of fast-folding poker, called Fast Enet. The new tables can be accessed from the main lobby of the client and the new section will be added through an automatic update.

While in its basics, Fast Enet is similar to Rush Poker, Zoom Poker and Speed Poker, Enet have added an extra dimension to it in a bid to make it stand out. As soon as players hit he fast fold button, they’re transferred to another table, and they don’t even have to wait for the action to get around to them.

The peculiar thing about Fast Enet is that the player who wins a hand gets the added advantage of starting the next hand on the button. The other positions at the table are assigned through an intricate algorithm, which favors those who show more skill through the previous hands.

The bottom line: besides allowing players to log a phenomenal number of hands per hour, Fast Enet has managed to add a completely new dimension to the game. The public will be the judge of whether or not this added twist is a successful one indeed.

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