Full Tilt: Flipout Tournaments Launched

March 21, 2014

Like it or not, Full Tilt have always been the great innovators in online poker, the site which came up with original and novel concepts that all the other operators (yes, even giants like PokerStars) have ended up copying. They were the ones who brought Rush Poker to the world and now they have done it again: they’ve recently invented, implemented and launched a new tournament format, likely to deliver more than a breath of fresh air to the stale tournament scene: Flipout Tournaments.

Flipouts are basically about allowing players to play in tournaments which do not require them to put in hours upon hours just to reach the money. A Flipout tournament starts with a general all-in, which instantly bursts the money bubble, landing all survivors in the money. While it may seem like the format does away with the skill factor, that is not the case. After the first round, the action goes down the old fashioned way, so skillful final-table decision making is still rewarded. The new format essentially does away with the less interesting part of the tournament, talking players straight to the stage where their every move counts.

To celebrate the launch of their new Flipout tournaments, Full Tilt Poker are holding a Flipout Festival which kicks off on March 21 and which features some 108 events, and $25k in added money.

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