PokerStars: High Stakes Tables to be Turned into Zoom Poker Player Pools

December 19, 2013

From January 1, 2014, PokerStars will run a unique experiment aimed at protecting its causal players and putting an end to the "predatory" environment that has settled over the higher-stakes tables.

The move is going to feature a test period, during which the special Zoom Poker tables, to be introduced in place of the $50/$100 NL Holdem and PLO ones, will be assessed by a special player-pool.

For every eventuality, the site has apparently reserved the right to scrap the move if it doesn’t turn out as planned.

According to Nick Williamson, PokerStars Ring Game Manager, the Zoom Poker move will allow players to focus exclusively on the poker action instead of table selection and opponent-stalking, but the truth is, it will definitely take the skill element out of the high stakes cash games at the site.

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