NETWORK: Major WPN Software Update

September 12, 2013

As various major online poker operators go about massively overhauling their software, the smaller operators need to take steps to keep up as well. The Winning Poker Network has just announced an update to its software, through which several new and interesting features have been introduced.

One of these new features is the On Demand Tournament addition, which does indeed offer poker tournament action an entirely new dimension. On Demand Tournaments represent the merger of SNGs and MTTs in the sense that they feature a set number of available seats, which – once filled up – trigger the start of the action. When the action kicks off, so does a late registration period. The number of available On Demand seats is the most interesting variable in the equation.

Another interesting new feature is the Preferred Seating one, which allows players to set preferred seats and the software will automatically seat them in that position every time. This feature can be activated from the table options menu. Its main purpose – besides making the action more enjoyable for players – is to aid with multi-tabling.

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