Minted Poker: Minted Poker US and non US players funds

February 25, 2012

Minted Poker players from the US have been effected by events on their Network. Resulting in delayed payments for non US players and seizure of US players funds by US authorities, as the Network actually does the withdrawal transactions for Minted Poker.

Minted Poker have said that non US players funds are safe and secure but their may be cashout delays due to the events.

Everleaf Gaming have released a statement about the recent events and issues effecting US players and their funds.

"As has been reported, certain funds maintained by one of our payment processors to be distributed to U.S. customers were seized by U.S. authorities. To our knowledge, the U.S. authorities seized these funds and blocked the transactions based on purported violations of certain U.S. laws, including operating an illegal money transmitting business, the Wire Act, and money laundering.

Please be advised that this seizure occurred in the United States and only affects U.S. players.

In view of the above Everleaf will no longer accept U.S. players. None the less Everleaf reiterates and wants to reassure all the effected players that all the funds will be refunded in full and the effected parties will be contacted in a short while accordingly.

For the other markets we operate in and with regards to all our other players we want to reassure you that nothing has changed."

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