PKR: New 2D Interface Finally Available

June 16, 2015

As the world's most successful fully 3D online poker operator, PKR had to learn that success granted by graphical artifices was fleeting indeed in a world where profits and poker skills are what really count. As if admitting defeat in regards to their initial marketing angle, the site has announced the other day that they have finally made a simple, 2D interface available as well.

Players are now able to switch between the 3D and the 2D interfaces at the click of a button, getting down to bare-bones, lightning-fast poker which is still carries the unmistakable PKR logo though.

The PKR game-play in general has been sped up quite a bit lately, so one can now log a more than decent amount of hands per hour.

Sign up to PKR now or reactivate your account to get 32% Rakeback and a taste of all the new goodies!

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