partypoker: New Loyalty Program Launched on March 1

March 6, 2015

PartyPoker have finally decided to completely overhaul their intricate and often cumbersome loyalty program, making it much simpler for their players to redeem the points they rack up through real money cash and tournament action. Players will also find it easier to ascend the loyalty levels.

For the Silver level, they will only have to generate 50 points per month instead of 400 points in the previous system. Gold level now takes 750 points/month only, instead of 1K points, and Palladium level now requires 2K points instead of 9K points.

The virtual shelves of the loyalty store have been emptied, wiped clean and refilled with the new, cheaper rewards. The biggest change in this respect is the return of cash back, which amounts to a generous 22.22% in value now.

Players will also be able to use their points to buy into the weekly loyalty tournament corresponding to their loyalty level. On March 1, the Loyalty Launcher promotion handed out extra prizes to players of all loyalty levels.

Sign up to PartyPoker now and take advantage of their new - and much more generous - Loyalty Program.

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