Online Poker Under Attack: Graham Introduces Adelson’s Bill

March 27, 2014

Even as online poker’s state-by-state legalization seemed to gather momentum in the US, billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson swore to undermine the whole phenomenon by having the game banned on a Federal level, and he has indeed made his first actual move yesterday. Wednesday was a dark day for online poker (and online gambling) as besides Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bill, Rep. Jason Chaffetz also introduced a bill aimed at having the old interpretation of the Wire Act restored.

Both initiators have obviously made efforts to generate some by-partisan support for their bills in Congress, but as far as co-sponsors go, neither of them fared particularly well. Graham managed to get California’s Dianne Feinstein onboard, who will thusly be going against her state’s interests (as California is looking into legalization right now), and out of the 9 co-sponsors Chaffetz managed to rouse, only 2 are democrats.

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