Carbon Poker: Over $500K Added to Site’s Tournament Guarantees

September 7, 2014

Carbon Poker’s weekly guarantees have apparently been so successful in drawing in players that the site decided that it was a path worth investing in, and they upped their guarantees, adding some $500k more every month. Those who found these weekly majors attractive will now doubtlessly like them even more.

The Nightly $11 now offers a guarantee of $8.5K.
The Sunday Big $109’s guarantee is now $20K.
The Sunday Super High Roller – always popular with the well-bankrolled crowd – features a $50K guarantee.
The Sunday Big $11 and $33 both offer a $17.5K guarantee.
All $11, $60 and $109 Six-max Deep events starting at 21:15 offer $5K now.

Sign up to Carbon Poker right now and take advantage of the pimped-up guarantees!

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