PKR: PKR Download Now Much Faster

May 11, 2012

PKR has been the first online poker operation to take advantage of the graphics-possibilities offered by cutting-edge gaming to create a client which – besides making the game much easier on the eyes – successfully added a new, life-like depth to the game of online poker. Unfortunately, the added features meant that the software would be much bulkier and thus much more difficult and time-consuming to download. Those using less-than-ideal connections did indeed have a tough time downloading the PKR software.

Those problems seem to have been done away with though. PKR have dealt with the issue through an update, which makes it possible for players to register, to download the software and to create their avatar in around 2 minutes. Obviously, the 2 minute mark is only valid for broadband connections, but those of more meager means will be able to complete the registration process much faster than before too.

The update also added new table items, emotes, tiled windows and a hand replay feature. Several other perks (like an iPad roulette) are currently under development. Register for PKR now and take advantage of the PKR rakeback deal we offer.

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