PKR: PKR – New Software Version Released

July 25, 2012

PKR’s software has always been the main focus of the operation. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that PKR are continuously tweaking and improving it. One of the major shortfalls of the software used to be the fact that it wasn’t multi-table friendly.

The recently released 2.08 version takes care of all those problems. Players can now open 9 tables in separate windows. They can tile, cascade and re-size them and mini views are also available. It’s even possible to mix poker table windows with casino windows.

This is definitely great news for rakeback players, because it means they can now grind away faster at PKR generating more PKR points and more rake rebate.

PKR points can now be spent on virtual merchandize like various drinks that players can buy for themselves or for others around the table. There’s also a new environment (luxury yacht) and a new camera angle (My Seat).

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