Poker Nordica: Poker Nordica in Turmoil

February 24, 2012

After a period with lack of communication it has become obvious for pretty much everyone involved with them that not everything is right at Poker Nordica. Today, the site has communicated the fact that they had a lot to suffer at the hands of the stronger Merge operations and the current state of affairs was unmanageable as far as they were concerned.

The sudden departure of the brand manager of the operation, together with the CEO of the poker room has left the site in quite a tight spot.

Poker Nordica’s remaining staff is now in the process of assessing the site’s position, and they’re at crossroads, looking to determine in which direction the operation will move forward. Poker Nordica hasn’t paid some of its players since January, so the top priority currently is to settle those debts and to keep the operation alive.

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