Minted Poker: Poker Points System

February 13, 2013

The PokerPoints system allows you to keep track of clearing your bonuses, to track your position in rake races and to enter player point freerolls.

You will get 10 PokerPoints for every $1 that you contribute to the rake and 15 for every €1. PokerPoints are not awarded during normal tournament play, but you can get 1 PokerPoint for every $0.10 cents in tournament fees. For example, if you enter a $10/$1 tournament, you will get 10 PokerPoints; You will also earn 15 poker points for each €1 raked at the Euro tables.

The PokerPoints are non-redeemable, non-transferable, and have no real cash value. You can use them to enter PokerPoints Freerolls. Minted Poker has reserved three Freerolls every day exclusively for players who earn PokerPoins.

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