PokerStars: PokerStars’ MicroMillions II Announced

July 3, 2012

PokerStars have just announced the second edition of their wildly popular MicroMillions Series, which features 100 low and micro-buy-in tournaments (some of which cost only 11 cents to enter), attracting huge starting fields and giving players of more meager material means the possibility to do battle for a truly substantial prize-pool.

The Main Event of the Series features a $22 buy-in, and it guarantees a $1 million prize-pool. Guarantees mean little in the MicroMillions though: They are routinely put to shame by the actual resulting prize-pools. The MicroMillions is where the real bankrolls are made. No longer do players have to have money in order to make money. They can now build serious bankrolls with little to no investment except for their time and poker skills, all thanks to the uniquely generous PokerStars MicroMillions.

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