Prop Site #9 - 110% Rakeback and Prop Races

February 23, 2012

Prop site #9 has increase its Prop rakeback from 100% up to 110% rakeback and will also be running Prop raked hand races. The 110% rakeback will start from Monday 27th Feb and last until Sunday 1st April.

There will be two Prop raked hand races, the first from 1st - 14th March and the second between 15th - 31st March.
Each raked hand race has a total of €500 prizepool
Prize payout for each of the 2 races:

1st = €125
2nd = €100
3rd = €75
4th -7th = €50

If you do not already have an account with them then sign up with Prop site #9 to take advantage of the Prop raked hand races and the 110% rakeback.

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